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The proposed constitutional amendments read as follows:

California Freedom from Slavery Act.

Section 33 is added to Article I of the California Constitution, to read:


(a) This Act shall be known as the "California Freedom from Slavery Act."

(b) Notwithstanding any provision of the Constitution to the contrary, every resident of the State of California shall be exempt from all forms of State, County or Local income, real estate property and personal property taxes or fees beginning the year of the 55th anniversary of the birth of the resident and continuing every year of residency thereafter until, and including, the day of the resident's death and shall be exempt from any form of estate tax on the resident's estate.

This constitutional initiative amendment is self-explanatory.  The obvious benefit is reduced tax payments for CA resident senior citizens age 55 and older.  They will retain more of the fruits of their labors.  Therefore, they may choose to work fewer hours if it’s not absolutely necessary.  This benefit is significant because a large percentage of senior citizens do not have sufficient funds for full retirement.  They must work well past a normal retirement age just to pay their bills.

The not so obvious benefit is that because CA resident senior citizens will no longer have to pay real estate property taxes on their long time homes, they will not lose their homes for nonpayment of the property taxes.  Therefore, they will be protected should they be hit with unexpected expenses due to medical treatment or other causes leaving them unable to pay the property taxes.

One could ask, “Shouldn’t every CA resident have the same tax relief as proposed for CA resident senior citizens?”  The answer, of course, is yes.  But as noted on the CTES Home page, the chains that bind us have to be broken one at a time over time.  This constitutional initiative amendment is just the first step.  There will be more to follow covering more CA residents.

Why start with CA residents age 55 and older?  The answer is in the title of the initiative, “California Freedom from Slavery Act.”  What the vast majority of American citizens do not realize is that we are not free, we are all slaves to multiple levels of government.

How do you know you are a slave?  I want you to implant this phase indelibly in your mind.  “You either own property or you are property.”  If you own property, you have the sole right of determination as to how you use, trade, handle, dispose of it or any number of other possibilities.  No one else can use coercion to dictate what you may or may not do with your property.

If someone else can dictate what you can do with your property, it’s not really your property, it’s theirs.  They own it, not you.  Therefore, they also own you.  You are property under the control of someone else.  Slaves do not own property, they are the property of their slave owner.  The blunt truth is that you and I are all slaves.  Through coercion the various levels of government controls what we can and can’t do with property we think, incorrectly, that we own.  Therefore, the governments over lording us own everything, we own nothing.  I repeat, we are all slaves, we own nothing.  The various levels of government own everything.

We don’t even own the most fundamental property of ours, our own bodies.  The government dictates what we may or may not do with our bodies, what we may or may not put in them and even what we may or may not think or say.  Do you need any further proof that we are not free but rather are slaves of the government?

Some will argue that they own their homes.  Especially if the homes are free and clear of any mortgages.  They will point to the deed of ownership in the County Recorder’s office.  My response is, “What happens if you don’t pay your property taxes?”  I’ll tell you what happens, the government will kick you out and find another person who will pay the taxes.  Therefore, the government owns the home you live in, not you.

That so called deed in the Recorder’s office is not evidence of ownership.  It’s nothing but a rental agreement between you and the government that gives you the first right of refusal to pay the rent to live in the home it owns.  As long as you pay the rent (real estate property tax) you have the first right to occupy the home.  If you don’t pay the rent the government (the home owner) will kick you out and find someone who will pay the rent.

Because we are slaves to all levels of government they own all of our property, we own nothing.  Governments can take whatever portion of our property they desire.  One way they do this is via theft of the fruits of our labors.  Of course, they don’t call it theft.  They use the euphemism taxation.  In truth, because taxation is done via coercion, it’s blatant theft.

This brings us to the question, “Shouldn’t slaves be freed at some point in their lives?”  After serving on the government plantation for a long time shouldn’t the slave be rewarded with freedom to enjoy their waning years?  The CTES thinks so.  It seems reasonable that 30 years of indentured servitude should be more than sufficient to warrant freedom from slavery.  Hence the age of release at 55 in the initiative text that also coincides with conventional notions of when one may be thought of as a senior citizen.

Another benefit of this initiative is that senior citizens will be incentivized to spend their retirement years in California thereby increasing the economic base.  You may have heard that seniors are leaving high tax states in droves, especially Illinois which is almost bankrupt and where taxes are increasing drastically as a consequence.  Some of the emigrants are already moving to CA.  Implementation of this initiative should result in a several fold increase of senior citizens adding to the economic base.

If you are a senior citizen, you’re likely excited at this point.  If so, please click on the "Donate" button in the side bar and make a generous donation to enabling gathering of the required number of petition signatures to qualify this initiative for the November General Election ballot.  Also, please notify others of this initiative and ask them to notify their acquaintances as well, even those who live outside CA may make donations.  There are approximately 9 million senior citizens in CA alone.  Donations from just a faction of this population will more than cover the costs of petition signature gathering.  Please spread the word.  If everyone takes immediate, persistent action, we can together defeat the Governor and the Legislature.

Please download and read the petition which has the CA Attorney General’s title and summary of the chief purpose and points of the proposed measure as well as the summary of estimate by the Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of the fiscal impact on state and local government.  You may sign it personally or also collect additional signatures and mail it to the CTES per the petition instructions.

Thank you for whatever financial, or other, support you can provide.  Please contact the CTES if you have any questions.

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