California Education Tax Relief Act

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The proposed constitutional amendments read as follows:

California Education Tax Relief Act.

Section 17 is added to Article IX of the California Constitution, to read:


(a) This Act shall be known as the "California Education Tax Relief Act."

(b) Notwithstanding any provision of the Constitution to the contrary, no property, sales or income taxes or fees or other government schemes to extract financial resources shall be levied or assessed against California residents who do not have students they are financially responsible for enrolled in Article IX schools in order to pay for any free school provided for under Section 5 of Article IX, nor to pay for any Public School System or into the State School Fund provided for under Section 6 of Article IX, nor to pay for any bonds or district costs provided for under Section 6½ of Article IX, nor to pay for any textbooks provided for under Section 7.5 of Article IX, nor to pay for the University of California provided for under Section 9 of Article IX.

The bottom line of this constitutional initiative amendment is that only the person(s) financially responsible for a student enrolled in an Article IX government school is required to pay for the cost of enrollment.  All CA residents who do not have a students enrolled in an Article IX government school will not be required to pay enrollment costs for students enrolled in Article IX schools.  This applies to Article IX government schools at all levels including the University of California.

It’s likely that most people will be astounded by this initiative.  After all, it’s a given that government schools should be paid for by taxpayers so that free, or minimal cost, education can be provided to anyone who wants to enroll.  But why should it be a given?

Let me ask the following questions:
  • Should the government force you (coerce at gunpoint) to pay for your neighbor’s automobile?
  • Should the government force you to pay for your neighbor’s Hawaii vacation?
  • Should the government force you to pay for your neighbor’s mortgage or rent?
  • Should the government force you to pay for your neighbor’s kid’s computer?
  • Should the government force you to pay for your neighbor’s kid’s clothes?

If you answered no to these questions, then why should the government coerce you to pay for your neighbor’s kid’s education?  If you step back and think about it, it’s immoral for the government to steal the fruits of your labors to pay for anything for someone else.  This is especially true for education in a government school that the facts show produces graduates with subpar abilities in comparison to other nations.  And yet the costs are astronomical.

The current system for funding education is both immoral and punitive.  Government schools are primarily funded via taxation.  Taxation is theft at gunpoint which is an immoral act.  It’s punitive in that parents who enroll their children in private or home schools must not only pay for this choice but they must also pay for government schools they don’t use.  That’s immoral as well as punitive.

There are hundreds of reasons why enrollment in government schools is the worst choice available.  But, if parents want to make that uninformed choice, that their prerogative.  That’s what freedom is all about.  It’s the right to make right or wrong personal choice, that doesn’t affect anyone else, without the threat of or actual retribution by anyone.  But, that choice should not prompt government theft to pay for it.

This initiative will eliminate the immoral funding mechanism for government schools and end the punitive effect on parents who chose alternative schools as well as on those who do not have students they are financially responsible for enrolled in government schools.

Anyone who argues against this initiative will be guilty of condoning theft at gunpoint as well as endorsing the poor excuse for education that is government schools.

This is not the time or place to list the manifold reasons why government schools are atrocious and, therefore, not deserving of support but rather condemnation.  Over time the Issue page for this initiative will be populated with details for each of the manifold reasons.  If you’re on the fence about this initiative, please check back to this site from time to time.

If you are a private or home schooling parent, or just fed up that you are coerced to pay for shoddy government schools, you’re likely excited at this point.  If so, please click on the "Donate" button in the side bar and make a generous donation to enabling gathering of the required number of petition signatures to qualify this initiative for the November General Election ballot.  Also, please notify others of this initiative and ask them to notify their acquaintances as well, even those who live outside CA may make donations.  Between private and home schooling parents and those who are fed up with government schools there are several million CA residents.  Donations from just a faction of this population will more than cover the costs of petition signature gathering.  Please spread the word.  If everyone takes immediate, persistent action, we can together defeat the Governor and the Legislature.

Please download and read the petition which has the CA Attorney General’s title and summary of the chief purpose and points of the proposed measure as well as the summary of estimate by the Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of the fiscal impact on state and local government.  You may sign it personally or also collect additional signatures and mail it to the CTES per the petition instructions.

Thank you for whatever financial, or other, support you can provide.  Please contact the CTES if you have any questions.

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