Welcome to the Committee To End Slavery nerve center. 

I’m Lee Olson, Chairman of the Committee.

You may be asking yourself, “What does he mean by End Slavery, we American’s are the freest people on earth?”  I won’t bore you with detailed facts at this point.  But, we American’s are not free, we are entrapped in a system operating under the death paradigm of “Slavery, War and Poverty for All but the Special Interests.”  By virtue of this entrapment we are effectively bound in chains.  We are, in fact, slaves on the plantation known as America, in the subdivision known as the State of California.

The Committee To End Slavery (CTES) was formed to “Break The Chains That Bind Us.”  Because there are so many, various kinds of chains binding us, the expectation is that the CTES will be around for quite a while.  The chains will have to be broken one at a time, over time.  They cannot realistically be broken all at once.  A few will be broken initially and then over time momentum will propel the breaking of an increasing number of chains that governments have imposed unwillingly upon us mundanes.

Fortunately, CA residents have a legal means to break these chains via the ballot initiative process.  It is a constitutionally sanctioned (Senate Constitutional Amendment No.22 (Proposition 7) in 1911) means for circumventing the Governor and the Legislature, who, demonstrably, really don’t listen to us anyway.

The CTES is initially promoting three CA Initiative Constitutional Amendments for the General Election ballot. They are the CA Freedom from Slavery Act, the CA Education Tax Relief Act and the CA Parental Rights Act of 2018.

Each initiative is designed to give more freedom (less enslavement) to CA residents by eliminating onerous CA government usurpations of their endowed inalienable rights.

  • The CA Freedom from Slavery Act eliminates local, county and state income and property taxes for CA residents ages 55+, as well as estate taxes.
  • The CA Education Tax Relief Act will require that the cost for a student enrolled in a government educational institution be paid only by the person(s) financially responsible for the student.
  • The CA Parental Rights Act of 2018 establishes that parents, or legal guardians, have the inviolable right of sole authority over the education of their children and that right shall not be usurped by any State sanctioned governmental entity.

The CA Freedom from Slavery Act will protect senior citizens who may have unexpected excessive medical or other unforeseen expenses from being kicked out of their homes due to failure to pay property taxes because they will be exempt from property taxes. The CA Educational Tax Relief Act will benefit parents who choose private or home schooling by exempting them (and other CA residents) from having to pay for government schools their children are not enrolled in. The CA Parental Rights Act of 2018 will empower parents to establish higher educational standards for their children as well as eliminate forced indoctrination of their children in everything politically correct that violates their own ethics, moral values and common sense.

The CTES is now gathering signatures to qualify the initiatives for the General Election ballot.  Here’s what you need to do now.

  1. Click on the initiative links on the navigation bar above or on the initiative buttons in the side bar to learn more about each initiative.
  2. If you find the initiatives appealing in the sense that they will, in fact, break a few of the chains binding us, then please click on the “Donate” button in the side bar to fund gathering of the required number of signatures on petitions requesting placement of the initiatives on the General Election ballot.  If you are on a slim budget please consider making manageable recurring donations by selecting “Recurring Donation” on the donation form.  Don’t think your donation will be too small to have any affect.  Every donation counts because they will add up considering the large number of CA residents who will find the benefits of the initiatives will more than outweigh the amount of their donation.  Working together, we can defeat the Governor and the Legislature.
  3. In the sidebar enter your name and email address in the “Subscribe for Updates” form if you want to be notified regarding the progress of the initiatives or of Issue updates to the CTES website.  Your information will not be sold or used for any purpose other than notifying you of updates to this website, of progress on qualification of the initiatives and of important issues or events leading up to the General Election.
  4. Please immediately notify your friends, associates, neighbors or others of these initiatives and encourage them to reach out to their friends.  This is especially true if you are a CA resident age 55+ or have children in private or home schools.  Also, you can reach out to people located outside of CA.  They can donate to the campaign and may be inclined to do so because what starts in CA often spreads across the land.  Therefore, although the initiatives currently promoted by the CTES will benefit only CA residents, breaking of the chains in CA could lead to breaking of the same chains in other states.  Feel free to send a link to this CTES website.
  5. If you wish to collect petition signatures, instructions are provided with each initiative.  However, your donation will be the primary factor for successful qualification of the initiatives.
  6. The CTES website will be a living site.  Besides qualification updates, current issues affecting Californian’s that will be rectified by implementation of the initiatives will be added as they arise.  You are welcome to click the “Issues” links on this page or the main page of each initiative.  You will be taken to an Issues page that will have a list of issues with clickable links to each issue listed.

The CTES thanks you for your interest to this point and looks forward to working alongside of you to achieve victory over the Governor and Legislature who, without evidence of a shred of conscience, have imposed upon us unwillingly the chains of enslavement.  We do not have to, and are not meant to live under the death paradigm of “Slavery, War and Poverty for All but the Special Interests.”  We were meant to live under the life paradigm of “Freedom, Peace and Prosperity for All.”

If I were politician, which I’m not, I would lead us out of the death paradigm into our intended life paradigm.  I’m tired of being a Slave, tired of unending War and tired of the Poverty deliberately imposed unwillingly upon us by the Special Interests for their benefit alone.  In fact, I intend to provide that leadership for Californians by opposing Dianne “Not So” Feinstein in 2018 (LeeOlsonforSenate.com).

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